Is calamari tips in tomato sauce a good dish to serve at an after-circumcision dinner party?!

Question: Is calamari tips in tomato sauce a good dish to serve at an after-circumcision dinner party?

I'd think tortellini in tomato sauce
might be a bigger hit.

Just a thought...

Props to (((The Nolte))) - he is the god of the snap comeback & most things snippy too.

I suggest staying away from seafood, too many allergy issues now a days.

Check the circle K on the edge of the trailer park, they would have something you could sub in...maybe a nice, classy can of cocktail wienies or something like that. Nothing says "WELCOME" to your party goers like nitrate loaded canned meat. Don't forget to sprinkle some extra MSG on top for that added home cooking touch.

OOOOOO, try Rosanne's 5 can casserole. Open the cupboard, grab the first 5 cans you see & add enough Velveeta to glue the whole mess together.

Bon Appetite.

Darling, some of my BEST friends are Indian (no, really... this time I swear I am not lying... you didn't take all those things I said seriously, did you?) and they ALWAYS have calamari tips after every circumcision. They do it with this lovely sauce that the men make in the other room and never let anyone else see.

I love to make the trailertrash version with cocktail weinies and ketchup! Thanks for the suggestion... I think it'll be a huge hit at my next circumcision-meets-vasectomy party along with some seedless grapes!

Lol. What would be even better is if people realized circumcision was not necessary but I like your thinking just the same.

Oh, SNAP!!!! Or should I say, Oh, SNIP!!!


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