SWEET SIXTEEN! Ideas please?!

Question: SWEET SIXTEEN! Ideas please?
Oh FFS, I just typed all this out then it deleted itself...OKAY...Sigh.
Okay, for my Sweet 16 I have an idea. PLEASE don't tell me to have a giant party, because I'm not going to.
Well, I saw my friend had this album, where on her birthday, I think she got a professional photographer around. Her and her friends have a big album, with pictures of all of them, in different outfits, hairstyles, positions, locations. It was all taken on the same day. The locations are just around her house and outside.
But the point is, they're all posing very professionally, and the pictures look fantastic! So basically, I would love to do this too!!!!!!
But can someone explain this to me in simler terms please? From experience perhaps, or if you know a similar way. I'm not sure what I'm asking...basically to explain what I just told you..because I'm guessing, but the pictures were deffs taken professionally..
Thankyouu :) x


Ugh, hate when that happens! anyway...
I think giant parties aren't good, you don't get time to be with people, so you made the right decision on that.
That's cool, another thing is give disposable cameras to the guests and have them take photos, you too! It's more fun, in my opinion.
hope it helps!

can someone answer my question? link below

what exactly are you asking ?

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