is 13 to young to start planning for a sweet sixteen ?!

Question: Is 13 to young to start planning for a sweet sixteen ?
i know its like 3 years away , but im having a BIG party. my big italian family is already bugging me hahaha . but, is it to young ? and if i do plan now, im just doing the theme and the venue and other stuff.. so yeah (: thankss.


i can but you never know if things might sister did the same thing, and she never did any of it..start planning at like 15...=) im sure it doesnt take a year to plan a party.

Well planning as in putting ideas, themes, colors together, no its not to early its okk. But reserving things such as venue, car rental, dj/band, yes u are planning to eatly.

yeah wayyy too young . maybe start planning at age 15 at least :D

Are you planning to be on "My Super Sweet 16"?

start planning now and you wont live to see it. thats just how it works



id say 3 years too early

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