watt kind of food should i serve at my sleepover girls only?!?!?!?!

Question: Watt kind of food should i serve at my sleepover girls only?!?!?!?
i was kind of thinking chips pop popcorn fruit bowls anything else????


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Cupcakes and you can never go wrong with pizza. :)

Hot Dogs
Ham Burgers
Popcorn Chicken
Root Beer Floats
Krispy Kremes
Marsh mellows
Basically a bunch of crap junk foods.But it won't do a thing if its just for one night.Just dont over eat to to the point where you might kill yourself;) good luck have fun;)

your ideas sound good, but if you have a theme going on, try getting some foods to match! a drink you should try is sherbert float.

sherbert float.(1-2 cups):
a scoop of sherbert.
ginger ale. *about 1 and a 1/2- 2 cups.*
whipped cream. * optional*
jolly ranchers.(crushed!) * optional*

put a scoop of sherbert into a cup.
add the ginger ale.*make sure the ginger ale goes almost to the top!
mix together.
put whipped cream on top. smoothen it on the top of the cup to make it look light and fluffy.
sprinkle on the crushed jolly ranchers. ( u can sprinkle a rainbow, one color per cup, different colors in a section, etc. all ur choice)

another thing you should make is volcano smores.

volcano smores:
graham crackers
sticky substance (pb, caramel, etc.)
sugar sprinkles

make the normal smore.
cut a small section in the marshmallow.
stick an m&m inside. (or 2 depends on the space)
microwave these, or cook them the normal style.**if cooked over a fire, put m&m in afterwards**
cover the side of the marshmallow with the sticky stuff (pb,caramel, etc.)
cover the side with sugar sprinkles.
****** if you want, instead of using the sprinkles or sticky substance, use fudge and a toothpick to create a design on your marshmallow.********

all ideas created by me!

"Candy Sushi"
It was in a seventeen magazine forever ago. I did them for my sweet sixteen and my friends LOVED them.

Whip up a batch of rice krispie treats (you can find the ingredients on google, i dont have them..), cute them into sushi-size circles. Poke little holes in the middle and fill with gummies, and swedish fish. Wrap it with a fruit roll-up. :)

^ This has some other ideas too.

smores! haha
um fruits.. in a bowl XD that can be served on a plate.. they shoudl be cut up XD
strawberry covered in chocolate ! havent tried tht but yummmmm!
homemade cupcakes
lemonade.... etc
they are lots of sweets but besure to have fruits too XD

how about you make a bowl with pop corn and then put little mnms in it gummies u know all that stuff chips sound good now u made me hungry lol u how about some pizza too? and some lemonade i would say milk shakes but that would just sound gross lol

get a costco pizza. that goes FAST:D
probably popcorn, chex mix<3, pretzels, M&Ms and Wartheads

you can use the wartheads to play games (ex: see who can make the funniest "sour" face)

chocolate, sweet and salty stuff is always delicious. Chips and dip, pretzels, cookies, doesn't matter too much stuff that you like I'm sure they'll like as well!

I always liked having snacks that my friends could personalize - pizzas, sundaes or even cupcakes. Make it a fun group event!

candy and any other junk you can find

UMMM? Some chips, popcorn, pizzas, cinnamon rolls and fries good luck

Sounds good to me! If you're not a health nut, pizza would be good. But definitely something CHOCOLATE! Have fun!

Marshmallow cream with spoons.

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