Question: NEED HELP WITH MY PARTY!!!!!!!!!?
Ok, I'm having my birthday at the Sheraton hotel and I have some serious problems.
Well first here are some details
Its for middle-school girls
We couldn't afford two rooms so my mom is sleeping on the floor
There is a pool with 1 slide but right across from the beach
We are on a really tight budget

Here are the things I need help with:
Overall: do you think my party is gonna b a complete disaster because i havent planned much and do you think we will just be sitting in the room or pool doing nothing fun :(
Entertainment: I have no games planned or anything because idk if my friends will like them, do you think I should have games and if so please describe :)
Food: Is ordering Pizza ok?
Decorations: None as of now- what should we do??? again we are on a tight budget

Basically I just need help with making it more fun and just general advice. :)

Thanks soooo much :)


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It depends on how many girls are coming.
You should definitley have music, do you have an ihome?
Pizza is great! Just make sure you have some good midnight snack type stuffs. Chips, some candy, drinks, cheeze-its, stuff like that.
If you guys are going to the pool bring the ihome && just have fun && go crazy.
Be loud ((if you can)) && think of some fun pool games.
When you guys are back in the hotel room make sure you mom isn't lame about staying up && all that ****.
Watch a scary movie! That's always fun. =)
Make sure you have a good *** birthday cake.
Decorations are minor but you might wanna get just a few to set the party mood.
Take lots of pictures.
Stay up all night talking or explore the hotel playing doorbell ditch.
**** **** uppp girl its your birthday!

Girls just want to have fun. They love to sing, so divide in to small groups and see who comes up with the best birthday song. mom could be judge or some random person at the pool or beach.

girls love make up. again make some girls make up artists and some on the best one in each category, eyes, lips, overall, etc.
do a Modeling party. Like Tyra's next top model. Have girls create outfits out of what they brought to the party. best walk, most creative, just have fun with your friends......

Sounds great fun :D

I dont think you really need entertainment but you could go down the beach and play volley ball frisbee and stuff like that. aswell as sunbathing and chilling at the pool.
Pizza is Good :)
You dont need decorations because you dont have to stay at the room for long and it is just extra expense just get some balloons because EVERYONE LOVES BALLOONS!

fail partys i have been too

I am so lost on your question. In my opinion, if you are hosting a party at a Sheraton hotel , your mother may have $$, and tight budget is a joke when you rent a hotel room or two.

I do think that because you have not put any thought into vou b.d, party it will be a flop.

itll be fine tell them all to bring a few movies and u take what you have
like make up and nail polish for makeovers or whatever and pizza is completely fine

first of all you could of had a better party without a hotel. =s

its going to be fime :D have fun girl!

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