Where can I find a cake topper?!

Question: Where can I find a cake topper?
I checked all the craft stores and cake supply stores and couldn't find it. I'm looking for just silver or black numbers. Nothing too special. If you have any suggestions that would be great. Thanks so much! (: Also, sorry if this is in the wrong category, I couldn't figure out where it belonged.


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Try this website: (they have what are called "Custom" toppers but it offers monograms and numbers and they do offer the color silver:


Good luck.

try like walmart, celebrations.com, partyamerica.com, orientaltrading.com, etc. It really is hard looking for the perfect cake topper! I decorate cakes and I really know what you are going through now. good luck. If you cant go in the scrapbooking isle in an acmoores or michaels and hand make the cake toppers. Take foam numbers, paint and glitter or whatever to them, then hot glue toothpicks to the back and stick in cake. i dont know how formal the cake is you are making but thats probably for a little kid or teen cake.

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