I need some help with tonights dinner!! ?.?!

Question: I need some help with tonights dinner!! ?.?
Okay so i made my spaghetti sauce for my lasagna (Very think just the way i want it)
im going to be making a spinach lasagna, the spinach i bought is Frozen. i also got 2 containers of cottage cheese.. i guess i would mix the spinach and cottage cheese together.
Now i need to know..... this lasana is for tomorrow.. Should i put it together tonight? and cook it tomorrow or should i cook it tonight and re heat it tomorrow? (would it taste bad if i did that?)


I always found my lasagnes to be best when made the night before the dinner in order to give the ingredients a chance to meld, then cooking it the day of the dinner. Remember not to cook your noodles to long or they will go mushy on you, what with the moisture from the ingredients and all.

Based on all of the info in your post, here is the deal.

If you assemble the whole thing today & bake it off tomorrow, it will be a runny mess.... why... because the cottage cheese will drain it's liquid into your lasagna & it will be a wet lasagna.

I would do the prep today, and assemble tomorrow & bake.

Also, this is my opinion & preference.

When making a spinach lasagna, I do not use tomato/spaghetti sauce.

I tend to go with a bechamel sauce with lots of parm cheese, mozz, ricotta & cottage cheese.

Happy cooking


Put it together tonight and bake it tomorrow, that way the flavors will have a chance to mingle and it will taste even better. make sure to squeeze your spinach to get rid of excess water and drain your cottage cheese if it is too runny. A little grated nutmeg enhances the flavor of spinach so you could add that if you wish. :)

I'm going to start with your actual question... You should make it tonight, put it in the fridge, then cook it tomorrow.

Now, about you putting cottage cheese in lasagna??? Are you sure you didn't mean to get Ricotta cheese??? Cottage cheese in lasagna is going to be a little funky...

Put it together & cook it tonight; then reheat & serve it tomorrow.
Lasagna is always better when it has set for a day or so anyway.
Like others have said, drain the spinach & cottage cheese.
If it contains meat, keep it in the frig overnight.

So what's the issue for tonight? This sounds like tomorrow. Put it together and bake it tomorrow.

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