I want to throw a sex themed party Any help?!

Question: I want to throw a sex themed party Any help?
I want to have a party that is completely sexed out. Everything from decorations and food to games and accessories. I want to give out gift bags also. It is going to be a co-ed party and I want everyone to have some sexy fun... but for the most part I am drawing so blanks lol.... I am on a budget and want to spend as little as possible. If you know any sites or have some directions for things they would be greatly appreciated.


Try searching for bachelor and bachelorette party games and accessories. You ccan try searching for sex-themed candy, cake pans, jello molds, ice cube trays, candy molds. Google boob cake pans and boob candy to find all sorts of options (including pasta boobs and penis pasta). Visit an adult store or an online adult store and see if you can find pin the penis on the guy or pin the boobs on the girl-type game. Get several pairs of edible underwear. Partner everyone up into pairs. Have the guys (or girls, but guys might be funnier) put it on over their pants.Have the girls eat it off the guys. No hands, first one done wins.

This site is one example of things you can find:

You can find many sex themed items at a shop called Spencers, found in many malls. You can find penis shaped party lights and even a penis shaped cake pan there. I'm sure you can find a few things there that will help you make that party great!

Check out more of the site under intimate.

for decorations and stuf go to ann summers lolz.. if you want candys and whatever get some japanese ones online you can easily order them um... yeah japanese ones will seriously fit the theme

Have the ladies ware loungrae and give out bras in the party bags and for the men get them waring no tops and their boxes

You might as well just make a porno an make a little bit of that money back that your gonna spend

hang condoms instead of balloons :)
put vibrators under people's seats :)

Sounds real classy.

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