Tea party for ages 5-13! Need help please?!

Question: Tea party for ages 5-13! Need help please?
I am hosting an Mad Hatter Tea Party for girls the ages of 5 to 13 in possibly December. I previously asked this question but everybody based it off of the 3d movie that recently came out. I wanted really to base this tea party off the original Alice in Wonderlands. I need some food ideas and where to get great decorations at a low price. Also where to find enough tea party set made of possible china tea sets. Also maybe how to decorate each section for each acitivity: I have an eat me and drink me table, then tea party tables where they will learn their manners, then a craft section. (All girls will divide into 4 groups with unique names). I really need ideas on how to decorate the queens croquet game, im late potato sack race, and pin the grin on the cheshire cat. How should I decorate those 3 games areas. Please help.
I pretty much have it planned, just need and ideal on how to do a few things. Also how should I make a cake enough for like 50 people? It can be challenging due to the fact that i make cakes. Thank You for any advice!!!


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You are very creative! I couldn't even of thought of that much! But I have a few ideas to help decorate those areas.

For the queen's croquet game, you could put pink feathers on the stick so it looks like feathers on the flamingo. You could also put red roses around it and a few white ones for the time they messed up!

For the "I'm late" potato sack race, you could put a picture of the rabbit on every potato sack so it looks like he is running. You could also use a watch like his to time them. It would make it seem more fun and better.

For the pin the grin on the Cheshire cat, you could put it in a little bit of a dark room, so it looks like he they are in the woods when Alice first met him. You could also make something with pink and purple stripes to make the blind fold look like his tail

For the cake, I think you should bake a little more cake than what you think all the guests will eat.

Hope I helped!! :)

And also, you are epic for having a party like that!

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