18th birthday ideas needed.?!

Question: 18th birthday ideas needed.?
okk, so im 18 in november, and need to start thinking what i want to do,
most of my friends are 17, so clubbing is off the cards as they cant be legally served,
i need some good ideas,im thinking a nice meal with the family,
then something really fun with my friends please help,
any ideas will really help
ohh and no houseparties and holidays
(im in the uk if thats any help?)


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Maybe do a bowling party - one that is more of a party atmosphere... music, lights, etc...
or if only a few friends, rent out a little corner of a nice restaurant and have a little mingle fun.

hi sorry i no im not answering ur question but u answered mine a minute ago but i dont know how to contact you so my email is charliedibley@yahoo.com if u could messege me :)

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