Wonderful Birthday Balloon Experience?!

Question: Wonderful Birthday Balloon Experience?
Last night was my wife's birthday. We normally have friends over and go out to eat and stay very busy. But this year money is tight so we stayed home, I made her a birthday cake and bought a bag of 16" balloons that were called crystal colors whatever that means and we played her favorite games of Yahtzee and Clue. For about 4 1/2 hours we blew up balloons, each one of us trying to get them bigger than the other (I always win because she is scared to death of them breaking) and playing board games. We both realized at the end of the evening that it was one of the most memorable birthdays ever with just cake and balloons and some games. She giggled like a school girl and it was just plain fun. She was telling her sister in law about the good time this morning and her sister in law made the comment, "oh, how mature" and it made my wife feel stupid. I believe we are mature, but does blowing up balloons and playing games make you immature even though we are 34 and 38? It seems shallow to me. I thought she was beautiful blowing up great big balloons and she tied them and put them all together in our bedroom. And when she won at Yahtzee she was so excited. Are we such a transparent world now where you get can't have good old fashioned fun without getting drunk anymore?


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you can do whatever you wish. just remember, "you are only as old as you feel". Don't let anything anyone says bring you or your wonderful wife down. As long as you both have fun in the process, have no regrets and don't feel embarrassed. have fun while you still can!


Her sister could have been just joking around. Me and my sister kid like that all the time we make fun of each other for no apparent reason. Even if she was truly being rude that sounds like a wonderful evening she might have just been jealous

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