Throwing my first "real"!

Question: Throwing my first "real"
Hi all, I'm throwing my very first "grown-up" party this Friday, so I haven't got a whole lot of time. Apart from cleaning up the house, what else should I do to ensure this party's success? Here's a few main details:

5-10 possible guests
There will be alcohol (what kind should I buy, and how much?) (and don't worry, everyone invited is of legal drinking age)
I want to serve light refreshments, what kind should I get?
What's the best kind of music to play?
I have a pool, and would like to let my guests swim.

So, that's basically it. I don't want to spend a ton of money, but I want everyone to have a great time. Any of you veteran party-throwers or party-goers, what are your best tips?

Thanks!!! :D


Number one. if there's alcohol involved..... everyone should contribute. never buy all of it . if friends ask what to bring..... booze, chips. appetizers.
The more simple the better. I serve nachos, pigs in a blanket. tiny pizzas, tortillas with cream cheese and a pickle. sliced in to 1/2 inch sections. ( very affordable ). goes great with beer.
Now CD's are great for parties and have a variety of popular music.
Make sure your guests dont bring underage drinkers .... that can get super messy. experience speaks volumes !!! Figure about 2-_3 appetizers each person for each recipe.

just buy a bunch of decently priced vodka (smirnoff is good) and a bunch of mixers (orange juice, cranberry juice, tonic, etc) and tell people you bought some vodka. if they don't want vodka they can byob. don't ever buy beer for a party, because it runs out quick and people get bored and leave...unless it's a keg.

years of throwing awesome parties

To really save money just tell people to bring what they would like to drink and you are providing the food. Just make some simple appetizers and lay it out like a small buffet.

You can find some great and easy recipes here:

Help your guests by having some mixers, lime wedges, an assortment of glasses laid out, and plenty of ice!

yes Vodka for sure. I buy Blue Vodka and mix it with pink lemonade and it makes a beautiful purple. Everyone always goes nuts. U can get fancy and add fruits like cherries,blueberriess andraspberriess to the drinks :) Techno music is my thing :)tiesto, david guetta, stereo love ect... as for food::::::::: chocolate covered strawberries, Brusheta, Shrimp, pinwheels....

You know your guests better then we do, think about what they would enjoy and plan around that. Ask around what music/ drinks people like. Don't worry about details, i'm sure your party will be great and if not, you'll know what to do better next time around.

Flowers, wine, candles, incense a Must! No hard liquor (maybe a little weed). Blues or jazz. Play Marco Polo. Serve a salad w/Scads of veggies & 3-4 dressings, crackers (healthy ones), Swedish meatballs, cool cucumber soup, baked & spiced fish, cheesecake. Enjoy!

ol' time partier

Check out this website for party tips and ideas to make your party a success:

Good Luck

As far as what kind of drinks to have it depends on what you and your friends like to drink....figure out what kind of beer they like and pick the one most liked. Grab two different kinds of liquor for varitey and two soda's or juices to go with it. Some kind of dip is always good to have when drinking (its a good mix). For the music just figure out what kind of music your friends like and make a mixer on your Ipod and play it on random. Swimming in your pool shouldnt be a problem if people arent going to be too trashed. If you want to keep the drinking fun but limited dont buy too much. Is it byob or are you supplying all the drinks? Pretty much just keep it sweet and simple and look up some fun drinking games or make up some of your own with any card or board games you have.

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