I know this is a strange question - but what are the best sprinkles?!

Question: I know this is a strange question - but what are the best sprinkles?
You know, like the kind you get on ice cream. Yeah I'm making a cake, and I was wondering if there were any good particular brands I should look for at the grocery store. Once I bought some sprinkles for a hot fudge sundae and they were gross - they were soft and tasteless. I like sprinkles that are kind of hard and have a candy taste to them. Thanks for any suggestions and have a nice day!


im not sure as im in aus and your probably in us, but if i cant find sprinkles i always make my own not the same as the shop ones but still.
i put dryed coconut in a bag and drops of colored food dye one coloror you could mix colors per bag and shake untill all covered its fun and looks and tastes great too, but for extra flavour you could always add essence of any kind/flovour.otherwise you could go to a cake house/specialist/party shop and see if you could buy some from there.
hope this helped you.............good luck

dont get the round ones
get the stick ones
go to safeway--i dont remember the brand

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