When they say it's £5.50 per head does that mean per person?!

Question: When they say it's £5.50 per head does that mean per person?
I've contacted a local pub because I'm interested in having my birthday party their and they have said the food will be £5.50 per head, is that per person because that seems a little expensive?


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yes that means per person including babies. 5.50 is very cheap what kind of food are they serving do you know? i hope it isn't small portions or like appitizers.

Hi you say that £5.50 per head is expensive. I do not think so what are you looking for ? do not forget the pub will have to hire some extra staff pay for the food give you heat light insurance cover etc. In this day and age i think that this is a fair price. Of course you could just go for a basic finger selection then you would not get many attending your cause and would be called a cheap skate.Do yourself a favour and book it.

£5.50 per head which is per person seems quite cheap to me, for a nice meal and desert I would expect to pay about £10.00 each. Go and have a meal there first to check it out, that's what we do in our family, is it good or not? You don't want to be embarrassed on the night if your guests have to eat an awful meal they've been looking forward to. Have a great birthday!

Yes. Usually only one person is attached to any given head. I do understand why you found it hard to believe that's what it meant, though, given the price.

Yes, per head means per person. Don't know why they say this, either - I am more than just a head, I (like everyone) have a body too!

Per head = per person

£5.50 per person doesn't seem that expensive. What kind of food are they providing?

yes, per head means per person.


£ 5.50 = 8.5426 U.S. dollars
And yeah, it means per person



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