Christmas Party Preplanning help!?!

Question: Christmas Party Preplanning help!?
In December I will be holding an Christmas Party for families; with a santa including (already booked). I want to know if anybody has ideas on food, decorations, party favors, and especially the cake!! Please help. Thank you


Well, for food you can cook almost anything you like. Usually at a party you might want to serve it buffet style. I know my family likes to have either ham or turkey on Christmas with all the sides. This includes: mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with apples/ or marshmallows on top, green bean casserole( Campbell's soup recipe), stuffing, sometimes homemade mac and cheese( no box stuff), swedish meat balls ,cranberry sauce. You might want to also have appetizers like cheese and crackers, your favorite dip with veggies or chips, whatever you like.

As for decorations Im sure you can find stuff in a department store or even a craft store around the holidays. If there are kids at the party ( even adults can get in on it) you can have a simple craft which can be the party favor. This could be decorate your own cookie, or reindeer candy canes (… another ideas are popcorn balls or even make little Christmas ornaments for the tree.

Then there is the cake. You could make a snowman shaped cake that is fairly easy. (… Or you could make a nice cheese cake but I'm not sure the children would like such a thing.

Whatever you decide to do have fun with it .

It is always good to plan in advance for larger parties. I'd suggest something like this site that has some articles that may help you. That site even has a Christmas planning check list that can help you figure out what needs to be done.

WOW.. we are talking about Xmas already! I guess it is never too early to start planning for it..
Here is what an Italian family cooks for their Christmas Eve Party.. hopefully, that will give you some inspiration -

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