I wanna be a Bartender, what do i need to do.?!

Question: I wanna be a Bartender, what do i need to do.?
I'm entering my senior year in high school, and i have been thinking about what i wanted to do for a job. i wanted an easy fun job where i could meet n talk to people. so i thought about being a bartender. I know that its not gonna be as easy as i think it will be but i know that theres a lot of places where you can be a bartender. so i was just wandering if there is anything i can do to practice, like making drinks or something. I've also barely drank lol ive only had like 5 beers my entire life but i plan on changing that this year. Also do i need to take any specific classes before i graduate. whats a good college on the east coast to go to if college is needed? i also wouldnt mind some tips on what to do and not do one the way to or while being a bartender.


Start by getting a job at a restaraunt/bar. You are going to need restaurant experience before being allowed to bartend. Once you get your foot in the door, make it known that your goal is to bartend. They may let you barback while training behind the bar.

Most people order easy drinks like.....rum and coke, vodka and cranberry. Those our obvious. You can buy bartending books at Barnes n Nobles or online at Amazon. Read those to be ahead of the game. Learn what is in the popular mixed drink recipes such as margarita, cosmopolitans (cosmos), Long Island Iced Tea LIT, vodka martini.

And brush up on lingo
on the rocks = with ice
chilled = .shaken with ice then drained
up = no ice
tall = in a taller glass
chaser = drink to drink after you take a shot

Good Luck

Get a book on mixing bar drinks, practice making the popular ones.

Become 21 years of age, then take classes.

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