Combined 14th birthday parties? details?!

Question: Combined 14th birthday parties? details?
My bffl and I are having a combined birthday party and are renting a huge room and my sis and her friend are djing the music, and we will have a huge party have any extra deatils?


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How many people will you invite? What sort of food do you want to serve? Chocolate fountains with a variety of stuff to dip always goes down well, as well as pizza and just things to nibble like crisps.

Enough tables to stand at. Make sure you invite enough people because having a big room can be tricky! You don't want a huge room with little people. Don't be affarid to invite too many because usually a lot don't show up. Make sure you have pretty decorations so that it doesn't look dull.
Maybe some chocolate fountains with fruit and candy is fun?
Watch mtv sweet 16 and get some ideas of that!
Have fun and enjoy!

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