How do Murder Mystery Parties work?!

Question: How do Murder Mystery Parties work?
I want to have one, but write the script myself. (I want to make it Harry Potter themed.) But I've never actually been to one, so I have no idea how they work, or even what type of things you'd write on the script. I'd invite about 7 people.

So how do they work? How do you write the script?



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Open entering your door, a chosen relative can quickly and effectively murder the first guest to arrive by choice of weapon - something that doesn't have any evidence, such as an ice knife to the throat.

Or, you could use a sleeping draught or something to that effect. Locking the victim in the bathroom is not ideal - they will be able to escape - so it is suggested you put that body in a black bin bag (or something stronger as a bin bag might tear easily if the victim has long nails) tied up and gagged and hidden in a very unsuspecting place - I recommend at the bottom of the garden, or even better, in the boot of an old car driven somewhere far away such as a field or dump.

Then, you set a timer for approx. 2 hours. (Or longer - you could do it from dusk til Midnight for the creepy, moonlight effect) The party guests have 2 hours to find the clues (there are none) around the house which will lead to the dead/or drugged party member's whereabouts.

Set up each room a different place of torture - be as creative as you can! The bloodier the rooms the better.

Those who do not find the clues will be murdered horrifically when the timer stops.
(This method works best unscripted)

Friend's sister's 12th birthday party last year

i am intrested in this also i will watch this question closely for answers as well


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