Highschool themed party...HELP!?!

Question: Highschool themed party...HELP!?
Hi, I'm having a highschool themed party and need help with ideas. I want something original rather than school girl etc...
Help please??!


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i'd say go with stereotypes of highschool. decorate, dress, and plan everything accordingly but thats probably what you meant you didn't want to do when yous aid no school girl etc so i'm out of ideas lol

you could dress up as Glee characters?

or you could get people to pick from high school clicks, like cheerleaders, jocks, geeks, goths, skaters etc...... :)

the 80's
mystery who killed so and so
fav celebrety
mmmer just dress up really nice in gowns rent a lemo er limo and just have funnnnn

School Faculty!!! Have everyone dress up as their favorite teach, principle, lunch lady, janitor, coach... whatevers..

~pajama party
~winter wonderland

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