Help with my 13th birthday party??!?!

Question: Help with my 13th birthday party??!?
Hi everyone,

I am celebrating my 13th birthday soon but i need a bit of help...

okay, so i'm having a laser quest + indoor dodgems party with 30 people but it's only available on mon - thurs.

We have planned it for tuesday 14th september so hockey, rugby and netball club doesn't clash.

However, my friends' parents work so some of them will find it difficult to come. school doesn't finish til 4pm and the school coaches and buses don't all leave til 4:20...

we were thinking of renting two hummers but that will cost £400 alone.
then we were thinking about hiring a coach... but would that look a bit tacky?
what should we doo??!!

also... what do we do for food? we're thinking pizza,snacks, etc...

sorry about all the questions... and thanks :)


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That's a lot of money! There are lots of other things you can do for you birthday right? you have other options! :) Well i hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday! hope this helps! also for food (which costs money) you dont havvve to serve food. if you do i think pizza or hot dogs and hamburgers would do great!

All of that for your 13th birthday?
When I turned 13 last month. I went to Dorney Park/Hurricane Harbor with some friends. >.<

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