Party Punch HELP!!!!?!

Question: Party Punch HELP!!!!?
I have a party on Saturday and need some PUNCH advice! As of right now I have
Pineapple Juice
Cranberry Juice
Maibiu Rum

Do you think this is a good mix?? or Should I add or take out a juice in the punch??? Any other suggestions are always welcome!!! :)


well you're making my mouth water. i think you have a great combination. i love malibu. if it were me i would get some vanilla Dr.McGillicuddy's and add it to your mix, alittle less oj and you'll have a great hit.don't forget to add fresh slices of pineapple, for looks. test taste as you go. good luck and have fun at your party!!!

the sourse is myself. you happen to hit on my drink!!! lol, love it!!!

i have the best idea! i make it every year and it is a BIG hit! everyone wants like 10 cups! okay! at a store look for a big soda bottle of fruit punch. then go to the store and get the rainbow sherbert its like pink orange and green. then put the icecream and the punch into a big punch bowl. it will melt and taste SOOO GOOD! good luck!

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