Surprise Birthday Party Ideas?!

Question: Surprise Birthday Party Ideas?
My dear friend is turning 18 pretty soon and we would like to throw him a surprise birthday party. I've heard of the usual party ideas...laser tag, bowling, themed dance parties, ect., but I'm wanting something a little more unique and entertaining for a one of a kind kinda person. If you have any ideas please let me know. Remember, we are teenagers and financially we need to be reasonable. Thanks.


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check out this site and maybe one of the ideas will work for your friend:

well...... when our daughter turned 18 we had a party with different stations. each station had different games set up. for example 1 would be poker, another would be roulette and another would be a dice table.we had a person in charge of each game and they wore a green visor. i bought dice that glowed in the dark. i had $ signes hanging from the ceiling. we had candy money on all the tables and non-alcoholic cocktails were served. when the guests came into the party we gave them some tokens to play with. we set up some silly prizes they could turn in for their winnngs. this isn't just fun for the young adults. these are game everyone can enjoy. and you can use your imagination to do more. i hope it goes well for you and your friend.

try party city.they had alot of stuff for this kind of party.

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