What do you think of my 12th birthday party?!

Question: What do you think of my 12th birthday party?
It's going to be a bonfire party. We will eat hot dogs roasted over the fire and s'mores over the fire also. We are also going to swim in our pool in our backyard. And instead of hot dogs we might have a barbeque but still eat the s'mores. There will be boys there.... and about 24 guest invited.
A Pool Party/Movie Marathon
We will swim and then eat barbeque and then watch a movie in my basement with alot of popcorn.


First one, smores and fire! Movies and get boring, and not everyone will like what's being played. And watch out for those buys by the fire. 12 year old guys can get distracted easily

Both sounds good. If everyone is having a good time, then that's all that matters.
Make sure your guests are happy, so you will be happy.
Don't let little or big things obstruct you from attaining and maintaining your happiness :)

It sounds fun

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