Party favor idea for a 9-year-old's birthday...?!

Question: Party favor idea for a 9-year-old's birthday...?
Hi there! My son's birthday is coming up and instead of the bag of junk and candy that people usually give out I thought it would be fun to get each kid (there will be 9 boys and girls there) a little gift -- there might also be some game prizes, but I thought one nice toy or puzzle or whatever would be more memorable and actually last. Any great ideas for $10-or-less per kid? If you have a 9-year-old, what is his or her favorite $10-or-less toy? Maybe that will help! Thanks in advance :)


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Wow...$10 per kid...that's very generous! I've found nice soccer balls at K-Mart for less than that! And they have pink ones for girls, too.

There's always a specialty t-shirt you can make for each of them...or do a tie-dye project together for their take-home gift. Or doing beaded caps for the girls (baseball style caps) and t-shirts for the boys.

It's the end of summer, so water blaster guns may not be available.

You can get packs of disposable cameras at the craft store (they sell them in wedding dept in packs of 5 I think it is)...print out a coupon from that store and get them cheap. What kid doesn't like to take pictures? You can even add a small photo album with that.

you could go to wal mart and go to the jewelry section and they have those color full jelly bracelets in a 6 bracelet bundle for like 1 dollar each bundle and i know all girls from 5-20 love those lol and maybe instead of 1 thing just get a few cool things, not candy but just little things they might like. you can even get the girls some 5 dollar sunglasses from walmart or nail polish or something and for the boys maybe get something related to sports or something. (: goodluck

I have lots of nephews and I help plan their parties and what I would suggest is little toy cars and silly bands. For some reason the kids are going cazy for those things....And the cars are always popular because hey.. what boy does not like cars? So yeah thats my answer.

go to this page and see what's this.I think it might be fun!
take a look at pictures.

Strippers, Whiskey, Scotch, Space Cake (don't know what it is, look it up on Google). and various other alcoholic beverages.

look here, and scroll down to the 9 year old age group:…

yo-yos, little cars or dolls, you can actually go to a dollar store and get a bunch of things


Outlet stores may have some cheapy (but still cool for 9y.o's) slim walkmans

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