How can I throw an amazing party, that my friends will love?!

Question: How can I throw an amazing party, that my friends will love?
In a month and a half, I'm turning 13 and and I would like to have a really fun party for all of my friends can come to and have a great time. I'm really insecure about it though because, I've been homeschooled my entire life and I've never been to the type of party that i want to throw.

I want to throw just a normal traditional party, Music, dancing, chilling and having fun, but I don't know how to pull it off and make it a rocking party without it maybe coming off like I'm trying to hard to fit in or anything like that, because its not like that I just wanna have the best party I can for my situation.

Any tips for pulling it off succesfully, I'm really lost, I think I'm not too far off but, I'm not sure.


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Remember, music is necessary. So first of all you need some good tracks. If you're throwing it at home, clear a room: it would be the dancing stage. A good lighting system would totally give it a club-like look!
Put a fruit punch (without alcohol) on a big table where some appetizers should be served as well. For the main course, go for lasagna!
Have a cake -- of course! -- that is quite original, like chocolate and strawberries on top and some whipped cream as well! (tasty!)
Happy birthday! :)

you can get a greasy pole! it's really fun, what you have to do is get a pole put a prize at the top, put grease on it and stick it in the ground

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