Party Ideas and entertainment for 10 yr olds Birthday?!

Question: Party Ideas and entertainment for 10 yr olds Birthday?
My son turns 10 this weekend.

He is having a sleepover, and that is the concern of another question!!!!!!!

But this one is about entertainment for the kids. Expecting around 10 boys all around 9-10. Might be a few younger ones as I know some of the families are staying for the BBQ too, and they have other kids as well. Also having our family and close friends here too. ( I am praying for good weather, or else the house will be a zoo). But what kind of games and stuff can be scheduled to keep the kids busy, between the presents, BBQ, Cake, etc... My yard is not tiny, but its not big. But it is fenced. Budget is small. I was thinking of maybe a Pi?ata if I can find one here in MN. Thought it might be fun. I know that most would be happy playing video games, but that is not an option.

So all you other parents out there.. HELP. Any Ideas???

Thanks in Advance.


Just a heads up, these are from my boys, and they are all standing here to make sure I put them each in (atleast 1 per boy). I have done some of these at parties, and even though I know the boys loved it, it was a pain for me. So be warned....

1. Water balloon toss, or egg toss (but that gets messy and brings in bugs!). Split into teams and see how far they can do. (If you do this, I suggest you repeat a few times, as it will last longer, and then you can see whom is the grand champion, with less whining incase one says it slipped or was too full.)

2. slip n slide By boys love this and we dont do it much because its not warm enough really where we live, but they get it out once a year, and they love it and it is a fun party time thing too.

3. Hide N Seek, I have one that loves it, and thus its done at all parties, and even the bigger kids seem to enjoy having an excuse to do it again. Also a parent could be involved as well, maybe as it, and see whom they find, but they do have to go look for the kids.. (according to my boys)

4. Self decorate your own cookie. We do this often, and always when we have a major party and all the boys love it. Even a lot of parents do too. Its also great thing to do after they have been running around and dirty. Make them clean up to do a cookie, and then they can eat while it bakes..... This is often done for sleepovers as well because its easy and calms the boys down some.

5. board game or card tourneyment. We have done: checkers, go fish, war, uno, charades, disney movie trivia, and many others. Great even if they cant be outside, and it will keep them from running around inside. The parents can do bridge, cribbage, hearts, spades, gin, 500, or poker even while the kids are playing. (my older boys love poker, so they will sometimes want to play it instead, no $$ just oreos, chips, etc...)

6. Building card houses, see who can make the tallest, and who can use the most cards, and stuff..

There you go, each of my boys got in atleast 1 idea. several they all or most agreed on, but this I hope will give you some ideas. Good Luck with the party, and the sleepover after. Good Luck and May the Force Be With You, you will need it... LOL

Hey I just had my daughters 11th birthday party in march and they had a blast. We did do water balloons and they could only throw them at each other legs so it was not such a big mess. We also blew up balloons and let them lay on them with their stomach to see who could bust the balloons first, the less air you put in them the harder they are to pop. We also made three cakes and let them decorate them the way they wanted to, that was funny. But mainly I let them decide what to do and when because at that age they really just want to be with each other. As long as what they want to do will not get them hurt. You could also let them do different king of races egg races and sack races those are always fun. Offer small prizes for who wins. Also when the party is over give them bags and let them race to pick up the paper and who ever has the most trash gets a prize that has always saved me alot of clean up time. Hope everything goes really well. Have a great day and night. My two year old has Hand, Foot, Mouth disease and has been really ill that is why it took me so long to answer. Let me know how it turns out. Bye Wendy

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