How do I throw a good house party?!

Question: How do I throw a good house party?
Okay so I am thinking that for my 16th birthday I can have a house party. I'm thinking of arranging it at 6-10pm as a lot of old people live round my street/block and my next door neighbor sometimes goes to bed early. Also, I don't think my parents would want it much later. However I am wondering what kinds of things I can do at my house party as I will be offering little or no alcohol to guests, and the people I am inviting most likely wont be allowed to provide their own.
I'll be inviting only about 10 - 20 people for 4 hours or so and I would like any tips on how to make it a good party. My birthday is early October so dependant on the weather, having the party partly ouside may be an option. I have a Wii and a large television, and also a little bit of room inside for dancing. Basically I would like to know anything that would make my party entertaining as with few guests I don't want them to get bored! Also, my parents would most likely be in the house (I'll get them to stay out of the way though). So, if anyone can help, thanks! :D


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Pick a film or tv series you really like and ask everyone to dress up as the characters, involve mum and dad by dressing them up too, that way they are part of the gang instead of being mum and dad. Definitely include the wii but dont make it your sole entertainment. A little alcohol is good as it will make people a little giddy which will leave no room for boredom. Well done for having respect for your neighbours. If you take the time to ask them what they think about music at 6-10pm you will probably find find they will be happy for you to party later as your only 16 once

Send out the invitations and buy whatever you think you need. You could have a little alcohol there even if you don't get drunk. Put music, that is fun. You could use both the inside and sometimes the outside, that's what people do. If any of you smoke, it is better to do THAT outside.


buy lots of weed and get everyone to throw down for some

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