Should I throw this food away?!

Question: Should I throw this food away?
I just opened my husbands lunchbox from yesterday to find that he took the whole package of cheese and ham, instead of what he needed for the day. Therefore, the cheese and ham got left out over night and the whole next morning. does this mean I need to throw it away? and why? Will it make him sick if I just re-refridgerate it?


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The cheese might be OK but not the ham. Ask yourself if it is worth getting sick to try to save it.

DO NOT eat it; throw it away. It has been in the temperature danger zone far too long. Re-refrigerating it will not do anything. Leaving food in the temperature danger zone for as long as this will result in possible microorganisms/viruses to form.

Does he have an insulated lunchbox? If so, I wouldn't worry about it. If not, smell it, taste it and find out if it's still good. If it's iffy, throw it out.

When I'm in doubt, I just think of what our ancestors ate and survived...

The cheese will be fine. Smell it just in case, if it all seems fine you should be, but warn Your husband the cheese might be a little off.
The ham, I would not risk. Into the compost bin with that I'd say.

The cheese might be good, but it'll taste weird. Heat and cheese don't play well.

The Ham, don't mess around with pork products they are very easy to spoil, just toss it.

stick with the cheese and throw away the ham. Cheese is made from storing in un refridgerated places to help it reach maturity

Yeah i think cheese should be ok if u put it back in the fridge. I wouldn't trust the ham either though.

cheese is likely good as long as it doesn't have anything growing on it

i wouldn't trust the ham


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