I'm need party ideas i'm turning 14 in december HELP!!?!

Question: I'm need party ideas i'm turning 14 in december HELP!!?

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its augaust...but by 14 yur a little too old for a "birthday party" but a sleepover with a few friends isnt too babyish or a house party late at night like most teenagers do..but dont make a big fuss about it being yur bday if its a house party...oh and if yur parents r there 4 the party yur rep is ruined so if u throw a house party make sure yur parents arent there

go to mikkey d's, gorge on big macs and triple bacon burgers until you can;'t eat anymore. actually, have one burger for each year, 14 total. then have a dirt bike rally around your yard and swim in a pool of jello. finally, deep fry your sister's iguana and eat it like a popikkle

Oh, I'm a professional party planner- can you tell?

Cake, Sleepover, candy, Nailpolish, Spa treatment, Kareoke, Rockband

Unless you're a guy...
Cake, chips, video games, Slurpies, Kareoke

oh and I lol'd at Johnson's reply :D

BIG sleepoverrr

It's august.

Jello and ice cream. Next!

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