Please Help? How much will I need?!

Question: Please Help? How much will I need?
For a 4hour Cocktail style party for approx 125 ppl, can anybody guide me as to how much of ANY of the following I would need?
-Boneless Wings (2 types-buffalo and regular)
-Meatballs (smaller, appetizer size)
-Shrimp Tray
-Meat/Cheese tray (with buns available for sandwiches)
-Veggie tray
-Pasta Salad
-Fruit Salad

I've tried to find some sort of "Catering Calculator" or food service guide, but with no luck...thought I'd take the chance that maybe there's a 'catering' type of angel out there that can help me out some ;D



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I won't try to give you exact amounts on each of these dishes, but having catered for large events like this, here are a few tips:

1. Don't put all the food out at once. Keep some back (in your kitchen or wherever), and if it looks like it's getting low, or if some guests arrive late, you'll still have something to offer.

2. Make miniature serving sizes - usually people will take one or two of an item, so by keeping everything in small portions, the food goes a lot further. Same for drinks, by the way.

3. For how much to make, figure out how much/many of an item your guests would be likely to eat. For example:
Boneless wings - (i would suggest) 4 per person x 125 = 500 wings (then, of course do half buffalo, half regular)
Meatballs - (i would suggest) 2 per person x 125 = 250 meatballs
Shrimp tray - not sure what you're planning for this, but I imagine you could do the same thing (figure how many shrimp per person)
Pasta salad - figure about 100 grams per person
Fruit salad - same as above

4. Always make a little more than you think you'll need. It's better to eat leftovers for a few days than to run out of food in the middle of your party.

Hope it turns out great for you!

Okay,. here's how I would plan that party for 125 people....

Boneless Wings - 3 of each flavor therefore, 375 Buffalo and 375 Regular
Meatballs - 3 per guest - 375
Shrimp Tray - I would order 1 lb. for every 10 people - so, 12.5 lbs.
Cold Cuts - 1/4 lb. per person so about 32 to 40 lbs.
Cheese for Sandwiches - 1'd go half of what the meat is so 16 to 20 lbs. of sliced cheese
Veggie Tray - I would order two of the very large trays that a deli makes.
Pasta Salad - 1/8 lb. per person - so 16 to 20 lbs.
Fruit Salad - (if this is your only dessert - go more than what I am stating and if this not the only sweet, then go with 1/8 lbs. per person or 16 to 20 lbs.)

I do a lot of parties so this is what I'm basing your party on. Now remember, if there is a lot of guys and not that many women, add a bit more food to this because guys eat a lot more as a general rule that women. But, if it's a close mix of men to women, you'll be fine with these amounts.

Good luck....hope I helped.

PS - I re-thought my quantities here and I would like you to consider ordering 4 large trays of the veggies rather than 2. I think 4 would be more appropriate. Hope that helps.

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