Shared Birthday Party Ideas for Teens!?!

Question: Shared Birthday Party Ideas for Teens!?
So my best friend and I are both turning 14 this fall, and we're having a shared birthday party! So, I need some cool ideas, activities, places, etc. I want this party to be super fun and special! Thank you verrrrry muchh! :)


ive planned the best party
so get the greatest balloons, not ones that say stuff for little kids, but Happy Birthday is better and so is Congratz!
cake is good, so get one with balloons and squiggly lines on it that says "Happy Birthday so and so!"
get some plastic cups and plates with some chips and guacamole! or any other dip but i prefer bean dip! or totito dip or something. if u have a pool at ur house you could make it even more grownup havin the party there. or if u thing this is all stupid and young then go out with some friends to o charleys or someplace!
enjoyz and kisses and happy early birthday! xD

My mom recently held a b-day party for my 10 yrs brother with the help of and it went awesome. Everything food,decoration,games,theme etc were just perfect and according to our desire. So i suggest you to consult them. Best of luck.

maybe you should have a game show theme like minute to win it if you dont know what that is look it up on youtube if you win you can get aprize from the prize box

select a party theme
pimps and h0s
super heroes
No entry unless unless there dressed up

look here and pick a theme you both like:

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