Ideas for dinner conversation?!

Question: Ideas for dinner conversation?
Okay, discussion of children aside, what do you usually or would like to talk about at a dinner party?


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Favorite places they traveled to....and all the funny and or unusual experiences they had. I like to keep things at a level where everyone can laugh. You often start on one topic and it tangents out to other things. I remember a Thanksgiving dinner where several people were at the table that didn't have family there, so I mentioned how I had just watched an old movie classic, "Planes, Trains, & Automobiles" starring John Candy and Steve Martin (movie is about them trying to get home in time for Thanksgiving..)...everyone started talking about their favorite scene and then shared hilarious things about their own vacations, etc. Once everyone feels relaxed, the conversation moves along.

Everyone loves to eat, and talk about, food. Pick some recipes that have a story, if you are the host of the party.

Anything but work, anything you might have in common.

try to talk something interesting like about movies etc

Politics and religion.

Get a big ole fight goin.

when all else fails start guessing bra sizes

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