Sixteenth Birthday Party Ideas?!

Question: Sixteenth Birthday Party Ideas?
My 16th birthday isnt till January so i still have a lot of time. But ive been toying around with some ideas, and still need a theme. I thought maybe something along the line of Whimsical, Paris, or 1920's. But I would love some more ideas. My mom works at a place with an auditorium to use so I would hold it in there. I would love some great ideas.


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well, i personally thin you SHOULDNT have a party because if you have a party it lasts just a couple of hours, and the people that come really dont care that its your sixteeenth and are just there to have fun, other then your family, this is what i would do mines coming up to, well go to hawaii or carabein, and maybe gather a couple of your friends, im talking about 3 or 4, and get a villa, and spend a week there, you will feel not only like a princess, but you will have fun, under your parents supervision ofcourse, but you will have relaxation and fun.

my opinon :D

yes you can hold the party in auditorium with the help of mom recently held a b-day party for my 10 yrs brother with the assistance of them and it went awesome. Everything food,decoration,games,theme etc were just perfect and according to our desire. So i suggest you to consult them. Best of luck.

It depends what you like. I would do a dance with a DJ or even an awesome dance floor. If you can't afford anything too expensive I would do the paris theme. Okay my sister said a 1980's theme... whatever sounds cool

check out the ideas here:…

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