can u freeze guacamole?!

Question: Can u freeze guacamole?

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No way! If you have leftover guac just spread it on a sandwich tomorrow. When you put the rest in the fridge you need to put plastic wrap DIRECTLY over the guac. So not just so that it's sealing the bowl, but actually lay the plastic over the top and make it so no air is touching it.

Yes, you can freeze guacamole - but it's best to use a food sealer to get out ALL the air. If you do homemade and put in larger chunks of tomato and onion, those won't hold up so well.

You can actually buy guacamole frozen or freeze the pouches sold in refrigerator sections. Have done it, and it holds up fine.

No no no no no. This just doesn't sound right. Frozen bananas yeah, but I think some of the flavor would be affected in guacamole. The ONLY way it may be ok is if you froze it in a bag that could have all the air suctioned out of it. Ziploc actually makes some decent priced ones that have the tool to remove the air

I would'nt. Avocados go bad so quickly that putting them in the freezer would almost guarantee spoilage upon thawing out. Like before it completely thawed.


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