can i take my name back after divorce?!

Question: Can i take my name back after divorce?
once divorce can i take my maidan name back


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In the uk, you can call yourself by any name you want. It's your choice.

You can if you wish do it by Deed Poll which is quite expensive. Or you can call your self by any name you wish and that is all that is necessary. You must inform the Revenue and Customs and any other official bodies you deal with. Then you just make it known to all your friends what you wish to be known as. If you wish to change your first names then this must be done by Deed Poll.

You can call yourself whatever you like!
As soon as I kicked the B*****D out, I went to my solicitor and changed my name back to my previous name.
It took just a few minutes and I came out as excited as a new bride!
I had a renaming party for family and friends and had the time of my life.

Please tell me! I never changed my name "officially" from my maiden name to my married name, either time. I never knew , and had no information that I should do it, it to register. What ever I never knew why or where or how to to change my name! I did not even know it was required!

After 9/11 We are all suspected terrorists. How sorry for the U.S.A..
before or after a marriage and divorce 30 years, I still do not not know what in the world I have done. Never knew how to/why to correct my passport VS Divers Liv]=Cenix! it.

Yes, you can do it easily on line by Deed Poll, as long as you are not doing it for any illegal reason.

There are a number of sites

My ex did it

Yes you can, speak to your solicitor about it.

YOu should be able to change it by usage so you probably wouldn't have to do anything officially - except make sure that the tax man etc etc etc know your previous name...?

Good Luck
Chenic. X

You can. If you both agree to the divorce then you will submit it with the paperwork to the judge. If you don't agree then you can change it when it gets to court.

yes, but remember to call all the banks, utilities, insurance etc. that have your old name because it can take a while to get a new name registered everywhere


yes, you can. You just have to change it everywhere including social security...IRS...driver license...etc. That name is always were born with it.

Yes.. rid of the man, rid of the name..

Yes, however you have to change it by deed poll

you certainly can , talk to your solicitor or who is dealing with the case

ya you have every right for it....................................



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