dinner party theme ideas?!

Question: Dinner party theme ideas?
Hey there Yahoo answers :D
Me and my friend are hosting a 'come dine with me' dinner party, for 8 people. We need some ideas thinking of themes though. For example, we could do a 'around the world' theme and have each dish from a different continent.
Any ideas would be brilliant!


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Around the world is a good idea, but can get confusing for the palate. We've done specific evenings such as Italian, Indian, Japanese, etc.

Here's a few ideas:

Japanese: Veggie sushi starter (much easier than you'd think and can be prepared in advance); shiitake mushroom salad; Duck, sweet potato mash, steamed pak choi with a red wine, honey, sesame seed and ginger sauce (or replace red wine with saki, though I think that's a bit of a waste); Ginger syllabub for dessert.

Italian: Selection of homemade breads with a variety of olive oil dips; Italian salad with sunblush tomatoes; Homemade pizza (lots of fun cos you can put out a selection of toppings and they make their own toppings, quantity and as many mad concoctions as they like, it's also cheaper than you think); Homemade dart chocolate tart with real vanilla ice cream and wild berries.

Indian: Homemade poppadums, lime and mango chutney and selection of finely chopped veg; Garlic and cashew chicken starter; Tandoori yoghurt chicken or lamb with mushroom bhaji and mumbai potatoes; Pistachio ice cream.

Email me for any recipes you need help with. Good luck and have fun.

"It's all Greek to me"

Basically, change the menu into a language other than what you all speak -- people must order their courses w/o really knowing what they'll end up with. (added fun when including having to order things like forks, knives, and napkins)

So basically take a list: salad, entree, side A, side B, dessert, water, fork, knife, spoon, fruit and convert them into a new language (even make up your own) Then let people choose 2 items per course -- some will end up with fruit and entree first, some with spoon and water first, etc. (Works best w/ dishes which can be "held" and portioned out because as the hosts you have to serve then join in the courses.

It will be fun for all and eventually everyone gets a good meal -- defiantly talked about for days to come.

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