Please help with a fun, new main attraction for a birthday party for my 2 yr. old?!

Question: Please help with a fun, new main attraction for a birthday party for my 2 yr. old?
My daughter's turning two next month and Im trying to think of something to replace the big bouncy house or the swimming pool or the clown that are the usual main attractions for kids birthday parties.
Last month my brother had a huge inflatable water slide which was a ton of fun but I'm looking for something different but still fairly inexpensive.
It will still be pretty hot where I live so something involving water would be great.
Any ideas would be a great help. Thanks.


you could set up a water sprinkler in the yard and have the kids run through it play tag if they know how. You could also set up a water slide and let them slide down it, and whoever slides the farthest wins a prize. (give all the kids prizes so that no one gets upset) one last thing i can think of is taking the kids to the park, come home, play games, and after games go swimming and eat cake.

How about a pool filled with water and ducks with numbers on the bottom. They could do the duck pond with prizes for the numbered duck or have them do something that the ducks says to touch your nose etc. 2 year olds aren't really a Big B-day thing, they are too young.

Check out they are in Ontario, don't know where you are though?

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