any 17th party ideas?!

Question: Any 17th party ideas?
i will be 17 next week and i don't want a big party or anything..
i just want some ideas of what i can do with my bestfriends. about 5 of friends,not big AT all
any ideas of what to do? not so much of a party just like something fun?


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Maybe you could

-Dinner, Lunch, and if you want Brunch
-Get facials
-Hang out at home
-Watch movies
-Eat some cake- ice cream cake

I hope I helped!

You can combine some of these ideas if you want it to last longer
-Go to the spa
-Get your nails done somewhere
-Rent a hotel room for a night
-Go see a movie
-Take a limo somewhere
-Go out to a fancy dinner
-See a play
-Go to the beach
-Go on a shopping spree

Slumber party or mobile spa:

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