what bed time snack should i have?!?!

Question: What bed time snack should i have?!?
i always enjoy a little snack before bed.. i can't sleep on an empty stomach and i don't care about that eating late at night crap, it's all a myth
so should i have
bran muffin
dry corn flakes
dry mini wheats
i can't decide! lol
and i'll be having one of these with a nice glass of warm tea


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def one of the last three, or have all of them
popcorn - monday
bran muffin - tuesday
apple - wednesday
corn flakes - thursday
dry mini wheats - friday
icecream/random - saturday/sunday

:) hope i helped

Anything with cinnamon will make you feel warm and cozy and fulfilled, therefore i suggest the mini wheats

mini wheats or corn flakes!! you can't have anything with too much sugar or salt(POPCORN), otherwise you get sweaty, hyper, and thirsty. and make sure it's caffeine FREE tea! kk hope it helps?

I like the idea of curling on my sofa and eating a bran muffin with a cup of tea. (:

probably apple is the healthiest one

Bran muffin

Wow, they all sound good! But a bran muffin seems to be the best when you're also having a cup of tea!


but sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and brown sugar on it !


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