Roast Lamb anybody......?!

Question: Roast Lamb anybody......?
I was bored tonight, so I .....................
Cooked a leg of Lamb (basted with Butter, Special Spices and the secret [Chinese 5 Spices] with a touch of Crushed Garlic and Rosemary) in the oven for 1 hour & 30 minutes on 200C under Foil - then another 40 minutes without Foil ......... served on a bed of roast Potato and Onion Wedges covered in Italian Spices and Cracked Pepper.
The meat fell of the bone as soon as I touched it with a knife - it's like eating Air, but 1,000,000 times more tender!!!!
Sipping on a 1986 bottle of Houghton's Hermitage Red Wine and watching Tina (Legs) Turner on TV .......................
Anybody wanna join me??????


My favorite food ever....thanks I'll have a large plate....might take me a while I'm in the't wait for dessert.....susieQZ & Nana's cat tigger, I was there first you can have the left

Ohhh [drools] aren't you the lucky bucky for being able to find lamb at the butcher's or at a supermarket! Where I live, in heavy cattle country, lamb is never available except by special order. 'Special order' means (a) wait a month and (b) expect New Zealand lamb, frozen solid. Where I used to live was in an urban area with many ethnics from lamb-eating countries [Armenian, Greek, etc.] so there were plenty of choices - leg o', chops of varying kinds, kabob chunks [or shashlik chunks] and even ground lamb mixed with onion & green pepper for heavenly lambburgers & specialty meatballs with unpronounceable [by me, anyway] names. I'm lonely for lamb, as you can tell. Enjoy and do make something wonderful with any leftovers....curry?

Sure, I have never had leg of lamb. I'll pick up Suzy Q and be there in two shake of a...lambs tail..... with her and I there you will not even notice those other women!
Misty blue you can have the lamb, we get dessert! lol You will be too full and fall asleep anyways.

Sounds delicious. Enjoy.

No sense me coming you have too many women there already lol

I wanna join you but where do u live o_O

It sounds wonderful! I'll be right it may take me a while....

love to

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