Surprise party ideas?!

Question: Surprise party ideas?
My friend is turning fourteen in a couple of weeks and me and 2 other friends want to throw her a surprise party. we want it to be boys and girls. we need it to be pretty inexpensive and don't want to do a pool party. ideas?


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I love suprise parties! And they are so much fun for the person recieving them! You didn't say anything specific like what she likes.. but I hope that my idea will work.
Backyard BBQ:
- Set up picnic tables with table cloths and you can just use plastic or paper pllates and utensils.
- Have hotdogs/hamburgers, chips, dip, veggiie and fruit trays to eat for dinner and cake pr cupcakes
- When she walks in the backyard everyone can throw confetti or silly string or something at her! You can also make a crown or hat for her. Do this by buying a big foam hat or making one out of bristol board! ((you can get her closest friends to decorate)
- You can just hangout and talk or you can organize games/activities like a scavenger hunt around the block
- When it gets dark you can always have a bonfire
- It shouldnt cost alot to put this together (under $100)
- Getting her in is the most important part! She cant know! Try getting a big group together at school or something and ask infront of them if your friend wants to do something and have them make up soome excuses, ask if she just wants to sleepover at your house or something instead.! Tell everyon e to be quiet!
Have lots of fun! And wish her a happy birthday for me (:

You could always just tell your friend that your going to some local restaurant. But instead of going there, throw the party at like the mall or whatever her fav place to visit is! Get like an AWSOME cake, some AWSOME party decorations (like colored balloons, or paper ribbons) and get her things that she's always wanted. Like for an example, say she really wants a chihuahua puppy. Then all you guys could pitch in and buy her one (if it's OK with her parents)

Hope that helps!!! P.S. If you show him/her this tell them I said "Happy 14th Birthday!!!"

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