what would YOU do for a kondike bar?!

Question: What would YOU do for a kondike bar?

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

1. Wear a dress made out of duct tape.
2. Go to the grocery store in my pajamas.
3. Spend the night at Walmart.
4. Post a YouTube video of myself chair dancing awesomely to “Mai Ai Hee”.
5. Stand facing the wrong way in the elevator.
6. Go to a fancy restaurant and speak to the server the whole time in a really fake French accent.
7. Approach a total stranger and pretend to know him from high school.
8. Leave my fly open for an entire day.
9. Dye my hair pink. No, blue. No, pink.
10. Do the Polar Bear Plunge in Lake Coeur d’Alene.
10 Things I Would Most Assuredly Not Do for a Klondike Bar:
1. Let a tarantula walk on my face.
2. Go bungee jumping.
3. Drink Spang*.
4. Get a tattoo of PeeWee Herman on my thigh.
5. Watch “Hostel”.
6. Streak the Superbowl half-time show.
7. Try out for American Idol.
8. Sit through a Barry Manilow concert.
9. Reread “The Sound and the Fury”.
10. Go anywhere with the Burger King. He’s creepy.

I would eat the friggin ice cream and walk away.


I think I'd simply drive to the store and pay for one.

What would I do?
Well, eat a Klondike bar! Duh!

how original

Nothing, it's just ice cream.

I don't know what would you do for a Klondike bare?

Nothing there not that good!

Eat my box.

i'd kill santa

I would let you suck my d***

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