Sweet Sixteen party HELP!?!

Question: Sweet Sixteen party HELP!?
Hey everybody. My birthday is in a few weeks and I'm trying to put together a fun sweet sixteen. I'm hoping to have my party in about three weeks, so I need to get going and send out invitations soon.

I'm planning on having about 30-40 guests, but the party has to be at my house. I'm really worried about there not being anything for them to do. I have an average sized house, so the party would have to be mainly outside. I have a pool table, dart board and a wii, but there is no real "activity" for anyone to do so I'm really afraid people will get bored.

I have a limited budget (about $200) so I'm not sure what I can have for people to do other than sit around and talk. I don't want any childish games like board games or twister or whatever though. It's also my golden birthday, so I was thinking of having a gold theme. (gold balloons, gold cake, etc.)

I wanted to invite some girls from school that I want to get to know better and impress with my party, so I'm really trying to make it fun and not seem cheap, while also staying in my budget. I'm kind of freaking out! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Tons of ideas on this website below. I esp like the glow in the dark party, would be inexpensive but I'm not sure how well it would work outside...

Are you and your friends into Twilight? If so, google it, there are lots of sites that give ideas. Think Christmas lights, candles (have an adult keep an eye on them of course), red candies, apples, vampire teeth, anything red or made to look like it's drizzled w/ blood by using food coloring. I think the red and black colors would be very dramatic and impressive to your friends and it could be done inexpensively. This is of course, if YOU like it. There are ideas for games that go along with it too, like trivia, etc...here's one link w/ the game ideas but there are lots more that have pics and more ideas....Happy Bday!


Two words. BEER.PONG.!
play pool,love the game.
Play IN the pool if you have one.
Don't make it a serving alcohol party. Just stick to beer pong.
Play music
maybe a luau?
Face painting and balloon animals! Nah just kidding.:)
uhm. My brain is fried so imma go to sleep. 'night.

-billiard's is good
-a movie
-cook something together
-get props( glasses, hats, gloves and makeup) and have a photo shoot contest
-man hunt (winning team gets prizes)
and talking could take up an hour:)

make sure u invite nice ppl, not random ones.. hope it helps!!

Just throw some food on the grill and dance get some decorations and you know what you will have a good time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. **** u parents leave.

thats it

im the **** at my school

For decor go to the Dollar Tree. And food too, then u can save A LOT of money and then buy watever u want


I don't know if you have this place where you live, but keva juice, so bam you have the best smoothie's ever for like fifty bucks, and then you know like a bunch of funky games, like three legged races you know, and then pool would def. be great, and so will the dart board, also some really popular tunes, I won't give suggestion's on music, because every school is diff, but at my school, unknown bands are the most popular, also maybe like strobe light's because those are awesome, of course me and you may be different on our group of friend's in such on the term fun. hehe, don't ever play dare with us!

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