Hosting a dinner/ game night?!

Question: Hosting a dinner/ game night?
Just wanted some ideas. Maybe 10-15 people will show. Young crowd, in their 20s.


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Well there are a bunch of choices. You may go with Cajun Red beans, sausage and rice, Chow chow, slaw & cornbread. Sheet cake.
A pan of taco lasagna and a pan of chicken enchiladas, or nacho fixins/fajita fixins, red/spanish rice, refried beans with cheese. Chocolate cake ice cream.
fish fry with slaw, fries, hush puppies, onion rings, navy or baked beans, fired biscuits. Banana pudding.
Or BBQ either/or burgers, chicken, breasts, ribs, brisket with tater salad, baked beans, Coconut pie.

Well, you could go the easy route and order pizzas lol.

Or, do some sandwich trays with different meats, cheeses, condiments, breads. You could also buy these premade of course.

If you have a grill you could do hamburgers and hotdogs.

Mexican is pretty easy and well-received (though messy): put out tortilla chips and tortillas with bowls of seasoned beef and/or chicken, beans, cheeses, salsa, sour cream, taco sauce, lettuce, tomato and let everyone build their own.

Or I second the snacky type foods idea, tons of options there:
chips n dips
chicken fingers/bites
little finger sandwiches w/ chicken salad or whatever
veggie tray w/ dip
break n bake cookies/brownies

Oh simple stuff!

Chicken wings! People love those
Sausage & cheese plate(Cubed cheese)
*Keep it simple! Young crowd, doesnt care!

*One of the two

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