How to plan my own 20th birthday party?!

Question: How to plan my own 20th birthday party?
I want to do something special with my friends to celebrate my 20th birthday, but I'm not sure how to plan it. I planned my own birthdays when I was in middle- and high school, but those were for kids, and most of my new friends are a bit older than me and not *as well known as my childhood friends were. I'm not sure where to begin.

Can anyone give me some suggestions for planning a 20th birthday party to be held in a relatively small house or very large back yard+deck?

My friends and I are all relatively nerdy people (and we say this in a good way), but there will be some less-nerdy among us as well. This wont be a massive group of people at all, probably less than 20, but not sure yet.


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The most obvious thing would be some sort of costume party--the options are endless there. You could do it in a "nerdy" theme like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc?

Don't know if you are into Twilight but there are some really cool ideas for a Twilight themed party, you can google it. If y'all aren't into Twilight, but you like scary movies you could do the same type theme but with scary movies. You could have ppl dress up like characters and have scary movies playing, creepy music, red foods/drinks, "blood" spattered foods using food coloring and again, you could do the trivia here.

Kinda random but I like the glow in the dark party idea alot. You can replace your lightbulbs with blacklight bulbs, ask your guests to wear white, have highlighters laying around to paint yourselves/each other and get glowsticks/bracelets from the dollar store. Or you can provide or ask guests to bring/wear a white Tshirt and paint them w/ glow in the dark paint. You can google it for more ideas. Seems like it would be inexpensive. You could also tie this into a hippie theme if you wanted to.

pick one of the themes here:

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