What's for dinner??????????????????????????????????…!

Question: What's for dinner????????????????????????…
Seriously, Im hungry! lets get some KFC or some a them bread sticks at that olive garden place!! those things are of the gods!!! but at the price they sell those things olive garden has go to have enough money to buy china!! and then pay to have it and all its squinty eyed know-it-alls shipped right off the map....maybe to pluto or somthin...ya thats right!! i just told you of the things to come. now its ur turn. that way we will be even and we can skip off happily and filled with glee as we watch china get sucked into the ever expanding vacuum that their final and collective grave. so tell me. whats for dinner?


well. . . we're having pizza. . .

Hell no! F**ck KFC!!! We eaten collard greens, neck bones, mashed potatoes, corn on a cobb, ham hocks, black eyed peas, corn bread, turn over fried chicken, and sweet potato pie!

Im so full, ate too much I need to puke..


Dude what kind of weed did you smoke?

'cos we got the munchiesss.

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