Ideas for a sweet 16?!?!

Question: Ideas for a sweet 16?!?
So im turning 16 in May, yes i know a long time from now, but i like to plan things WAY in advance. I really dont have to have a huge dance party or anything....But my dad has a limousine company, and my grampa owns a really big hotel in san francisco. (i live in the bay area by the way, in california). So.........oh and my house isnt very party crazy teen freindly..HELP ideas?!?!


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Get on the MTV show and party at your grandma's hotel!!

Have a mocktail party in your grandpas hotel! Have music and a couple of things to do. All you need is some friends and you guys will have a ball. If the hotel has a party room or something like that with a bar just have the bartender make virgin drinks. Thats the mocktail part lol.

id say invite a bunch of people from your school to the hotel, and have a dance type thing.....and have your five closest friends take a limo to the hotel and get out in front of all your other guests waiting outside.

make it a formal thing.

Well use grandpas hotel.

how about a carnival theme?
candy theme?
flower theme?
cupcake theme?
outside beach side theme?

those sound like something interesting and nice
hope these helped.

Pool Party at the hotel

Walk the red carpet--
Alcatraz party-- everyone dress in stripes

lots of ideas here:…

Use grandpa's hotel pool and set up a tiki party luau type thing and PARTY ALLLL NIGHT! WHOOOOO!


spa party for you and your there a pool at your grandpa's hotel?

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