What kind of party should I have? Turning 14.?!

Question: What kind of party should I have? Turning 14.?
I want to have three kinds of parties which ones do you think will be best?

Fashion show Theme-
I make my own dresses. Then when the party starts and the guests come I will be putting on fashion show music. Then the 'models' AKA my friends, will be modeling them. the best model will get to take home a few dresses of their choice ext., ext.

Spa party-
I rent a mobile spa like this one:

Or a luau-
a reg luau party

So choose the best one plz hurry b-day is in a week


Fashioon Show party could be really fun! make sure its done to the nines though or else it could end up looking kind oof cheap, sorry. But if you have alot of lights and a raised runway then it would be awsome!
That would be trhe kind of stuff I imagined when you said Fashion Show themed party. Pink and black, funky patterns like zebra print! It could be absolutely amazing! And its soo unique. It would be alot of fun! Especially if you have the talent to make some gorgeous dresses. Maybe, so that your dresses stand out, you coulld ask all of your guests to wear only black and white. Have fun!!

you could consider a spa party & decorate your house like a spa, have facial masks, manicures, & foot soaks.
happy bday!!

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