Anyone work at Friendly's OR Hoss's? Advice please?!

Question: Anyone work at Friendly's OR Hoss's? Advice please?
I am 17, 18 in October and would like some advice.

1) How do you like working at Friendly's/Hoss's (the environment, customers, pay, etc.)
2) I can only waitress at Friendly's or Hoss's because I'm not 18 yet. Do you think I should work at one of these restaurants or wait to turn 18 and work somewhere else?
Would the environment/pay be better if I waited?

Thank you in advance!


You have to think of it this way>>>the higher the cost of a meal, the bigger the tip as it's usually 15% of the total...18% for larger groups (or better depending on if they think you're a really good Server!).

Those places that cater to the kids hanging out having ice creams aren't going to get you much in tips--unless there's a really good turnover for your other tables of adults buying food platters.

The better restaurants that adults go to (and have alcoholic beverages) will net you more money because of the total of the tab...but they will be taking longer to eat. You may also be asked to help another server when there are parties of 8 or more and will be splitting tips---also you will have to give some tips to bartender if your tables are ordering alcoholic beverages.

The more experienced you are and become proficient at your job, the better the tips (supposedly). Take notes from the best servers you'll be working with and learn your job to the best of your ability.

Where you work and how the place is run depends on the management---sometimes they're good and sometimes not. Also the area you live in can have an effect on how much business they do. The job is going to be what you make it, and how many hours you're willing to work>>>those customers are your paycheck....treat them well.

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