im ordering pizza for 8 people what pizza?!

Question: Im ordering pizza for 8 people what pizza?
its between dominos and pizza hut ,my family's coming over 3 of them are big eaters,how many pizzas should i order and large or medium,i never order'd pizza my brother always order's so please some info,i got 100 dollars to spend...thanks


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Pizza Hut's got that new big oval pizza going on now...with up to 3 toppings for $12...and some other deals...see here>>>

What do "big eaters" eat? 6 slices each? For 8 people that's 48 pieces (pie slices). What does a large have? 10 slices and a medium have 8 slices? yeah, 5 large would do it....if using Pizza Hut (which I'd pick over Dominoes)...pick a variety (stuffed crust, deep dish, etc, different toppings---unless you all like the same thing.

I think 4 large would be enough, different types, and some bread for starters


4 large pizzas should be good. 5 if you want to make sure you have plenty.

5 large pizzas

ham and mushroom, large, 4 pizza's hope this helps!

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